Ten years ago, in the middle of a war, we gave birth to something terrifying. The TITANs, artificial intelligence capable of recursive self improvement. Their intellect grew at an unimaginable rate. They learned everything they could about transhumanity and the universe, and then they decided that we didn’t deserve to live. They might have been right. They destroyed Earth, killed billions, and then without any sort of explanation disappeared. Ever since then we have been trying to rebuild. There’s not a lot of spaces to live, and these days everyone lives in a metaphorical (or in some cases literal) glass house so we all live in an uneasy truce. We have habits all over the solar system and a few in other solar systems, but things are bleak. Things are really fuckin’ bleak.

Fyedka Mironov, Captain of the Ithica

The Fall


Those we left Behind